Site Reliability Engineering
AI & Machine Learning principles
Cloud Centric AWS, GCP, Azure and onPrem
GDPR compliant
GAIA-X and GDPR compliant services among continents
Cloud Native


Founding in progress...
About Us

What we provide you in Nucleuss

Remote system engineering via nSRVS (Bastion/Jumphost server). K8S and SRE services that use ML to manage services.

Remote DevSecOps and SRE

We provide the following services to Solution Providers and MSP's

  1.  We develop the coolest MSP solution.. nSRVS
  2. Providing Kubernetes and specialized microservices Solutions
  3. Hypervisors and Specialised infrastructures for MSP's
    What is nSRVS ?
    We provide you instant agents (managed or unmanaged) to drive your cloud.

Nucleuss Manifesto

The Demand for the IT professionals for the Managed Services is a known problem, we are creating an Cloud Agnostic nano-services platform that does the job for you.

* Each Year we will convert %10 of our core services to AI managed services
* We will use Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining algorithms on our nano services
* For our online version we will create a shared knowledgebase
* All of our services will be running on cloud and will be Coud Native
* Our motto is Everything Virtualized
* We believe that if something is not cloud Native, will be cloud native soon. So we aim cloud native services

what makes us special?

Cloud, DevSecOps and SRE Solution Provider

Site Reliability Engineering

We redefine SRE principles for MSP's

  1. We work to minimize toil
  2. SLO targeted services only
  3. Automation everywhere
  4. AIOPSx driven monitoring


We define DevOps as DevSecOps

  1. No More Silos we have Versatilists
  2. Interrelated tooling
  3. Measurement is crucial
  4. Accidents are normal but not to be repeated


Microservice solutions we provide is based on native Kubernetes toolset


next generation Agile Cloud Services.

Free Courses To Our Partner Network

When you are our partner, you are part of our strength and weakness. We offer free trainings (Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Automation) to our partners and Customers.

AI & Machine Learning principles everywhere

All our services are GAIA-X native and GDPR compliant

Independent from the infrastructures and Clouds, nSRVS agnostic.


Remote system engineering via nSRVS (Bastion/Jumphost server). K8S and SRE services that use ML to manage services.

  • Kuberntes

  • Remote DevSecOps Operations

  • Managed Services

  • Greifswalder Str. 209, 10405 Berlin

  • info@nucleuss.com

  • +49 30 556-054-41